Academic Policies

Attendance: If a student is going to be absent, he/she is required to notify his/her teacher as well as the administrator 24 hours in advance, unless it is an emergency.

Students are expected to watch the class recording as soon as possible.  While PACeS expects students to watch missed class recordings, it is not the same as being in class.

If a student’s daily class attendance falls below 85%, his/her enrolment in the class will be jeopardized and his/her situation will be reviewed by academic council.

Absences will only be excused with prior notification from the parent/guardian and may be reviewed for validity.

Work missed due to an absence must be made up within five (5) days of returning to class. Missed work is allowed to be made up only for excused absences.

Participation: Students will be considered present only if they participate in class discussions and answer questions when addressed. If a student fails to do this they will be marked absent for that class period.

Students are expected to be in the classroom window only during a class period. They will be marked absent if they are on other websites during class time.

Tardiness: PACeS expects students to be in class on time. Three (3) unexcused tardies equal one (1) absence in his/her attendance record.

Travel: It is understood that PACeS allows some freedom of travel for families, but every attempt should be made to attend classes whenever possible. If attendance will be uncertain, students must make arrangements with their teachers a minimum of one week prior to their intended absence. These arrangements are the student’s responsibility. All work must be caught up within 5 days of returning to regular classes. Students should attempt to complete as much work as possible prior to the trip.

Academic Dishonesty: For the first offense of academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism etc.), the student will receive a mark of zero, with no chance to redo the assignment. If a second offense occurs, a letter of notice will be put into the student’s file and their continued enrolment in the class will be reviewed by academic council.

Supervision: Parents/Guardians are responsible for supervision of students, online or otherwise, at all times.

Homework: Homework is posted on a regular basis on Google Classroom, Moodle and PowerSchool. Students are required to check daily in order to keep up with assignments.

Late assignments and tests will only be accepted if prior arrangements have been made with the teacher.

It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher well in advance of the due date if an extension is needed.

Exams and Tests
As in any other school, tests and exams are part of the educational process at PACeS. Not only do they help teachers assess students’ progress, they help prepare students to take the Diploma exams in Grade 12. Diploma exams must be taken to receive an Alberta high school diploma and the scores are required by Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Because teachers cannot supervise students and their environment during testing, help from parents/guardians is necessary. Supervision means receiving and printing the test and ensuring that the student does not access prohibited materials such as notes, books, devices, or websites(other than an online exam) and that the test is taken with the time limits and before any deadlines. This requires a commitment of time and effort on the part of both the parent and the student.

Preparing for exams is crucial for student success, and begins on the first day of classes. In the past, those students who have actively and faithfully taken notes, been involved in classes, and studied beyond just homework have done well on tests. Those who have done only the minimum amount of work have not done well. Also, having a quiet place free of distractions for studying, classes, and test-taking is necessary.

Technical difficulties: If you are experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to attend class you are expected to call your teacher or the principal and let them know.

Drop/Add dates: The last day to add a class is 1 week after the first day of class. The last day to drop a class is 6 weeks after the first day of class. In order to drop or add a class it must be approved by the teacher, high school administrator and parent/guardian.

Valedictorian requirements:
–       Full-time enrollment with PACeS.
–       Enrolled in level (1) courses (e.g. – Socials 30-1, Math 30-1, etc.)
–       Minimum grade average of 85% with no grade lower than 70%.
–       Grade average to be calculated for Gr. 12 year only.