February Spirit Week and Assembly

Feb 25-28 – School Spirit Week – Have some fun! Show your spirit! Win a prize!
Monday – Pajama or Jersey day
Tuesday – Favourite Colour day
Wednesday – Hat day
Thursday – Stuffed Animal day
Prize Categories:
Daily Winners
Overall K-3 Winner
Overall4-6 Winner
Overall 7-8 Winner
Overall 9-12 Winner
Overall Staff Winner
Principals Pick
Feb 27 – Assembly – Heroes – “Who is your Hero?” “Who do you want to emulate?”
K, 6,7 – Mrs. Willing, Mrs. Briere, Mrs. Desjardins
2, 8, 12 – Mr. Okimi, Ms. Rochford
3, 5, 10 – Mrs. MacDonald, Mrs. Sackett, Mrs. Portillo
1,4,9, 11 – Mrs. Morehouse, Mr. Dubyna
Links will in in Google Classroom and Calendar

Exam Schedule – Grade 9-12

9-12 Exam Schedule                                                                                 January 2019

All exams will be from 9:00-11:00 am

  Mon Jan  21 Tues Jan 22 Wed Jan 23 Thur Jan 24
Grade 9 Science 9 Math 9/Eng 9
Grade 10 Socials 10 French 10 Math 10/Science 10
Grade 11 Biology 20 Physics 20 Math 20
Grade 12 Chemistry 30


Grade 12 Diploma Exams – beginning at 9 am (MST)

Jan 14 Eng 30 Part A

Jan 15 Soc 30 Part A

Jan 24 Eng 30 Part B

Jan 25 Soc 30 Part B

Jan 29 Chemistry




Guatemala Day 4

We finished up the last few items – some interior bits, trim, windows and a door, and cleaned up.

The local pastor came by for a short dedication service. We gave the family the keys, a Bible, and helped them nail a Casas por Cristo plaque to the house. Then they thanked us by feeding us delicious pizza. We were happy to have bonded with them, glad to see their joy at receiving their house, and sad that we had to say goodbye. It must have still been really dusty, as quite a few eyes were wet.

Hopefully we’ll be able to stop by and say hi the next time we come to Guatemala!



Guatemala Day 3

We built a house! (almost). More siding, a roof, interior walls and electrical wiring. Just a few more things to finish up. We’ve had great weather, no one has been sick, and work has been going pretty smoothly. Thankful for those (and many other) blessings.


Guatemala Day 2

We arrived at the site this morning to find our slab looking good (with a few puppy paw prints).

We jumped right into building walls, and after many bent nails, just a few sore fingers, and some excellent hammering practice, we had walls and rafters ready to go.

Raising the walls into place was inspiring, and made the hard work of building the foundation even more worthwhile.

Once we had the walls in place, we all worked to attach walls to foundation, rafters to walls, and siding to walls. Many nails were pounded in, a lot of energy was expended, and by the end of the day, we had what really looked like a house. And in addition to connecting the parts of the house, our team built connections.

We had a great time really connecting with the family – working together, sharing jokes with gestures, smiles and laughter. We are building a house, but we are also finding other ways to show Jesus’ love.

Greetings from Guatemala!!

PACeS mission trip to Guatemala (in the town of San Raymundo) is going well!

We had safe flights on Monday, and all ten team members met up in the Houston airport for the final leg of the journey. We arrived in Guatemala City and cleared customs – after an hour long drive along 12 miles of dark, winding road, we arrived at our lodging.

After a few hours of sleep, we ate breakfast and headed to the site. It was located at the top of a winding hill/road. In a very tight space, some members prepped the ground and forms for concrete, while others started cutting lumber for the next day.

After a delicious lunch of burritos, Gatorade, and apples, it was time to pour the slab. All hands pitched in to supply the mixers with gravel, sand, water and cement.

Two and a half hot, tiring, muscle-burning hours later, we had a slab!

We cleaned up, said goodbye to the family and headed back to rest.

Tomorrow, the walls and roof!