Guatemala Day 3

We built a house! (almost). More siding, a roof, interior walls and electrical wiring. Just a few more things to finish up. We’ve had great weather, no one has been sick, and work has been going pretty smoothly. Thankful for those (and many other) blessings.


Guatemala Day 2

We arrived at the site this morning to find our slab looking good (with a few puppy paw prints).

We jumped right into building walls, and after many bent nails, just a few sore fingers, and some excellent hammering practice, we had walls and rafters ready to go.

Raising the walls into place was inspiring, and made the hard work of building the foundation even more worthwhile.

Once we had the walls in place, we all worked to attach walls to foundation, rafters to walls, and siding to walls. Many nails were pounded in, a lot of energy was expended, and by the end of the day, we had what really looked like a house. And in addition to connecting the parts of the house, our team built connections.

We had a great time really connecting with the family – working together, sharing jokes with gestures, smiles and laughter. We are building a house, but we are also finding other ways to show Jesus’ love.

Greetings from Guatemala!!

PACeS mission trip to Guatemala (in the town of San Raymundo) is going well!

We had safe flights on Monday, and all ten team members met up in the Houston airport for the final leg of the journey. We arrived in Guatemala City and cleared customs – after an hour long drive along 12 miles of dark, winding road, we arrived at our lodging.

After a few hours of sleep, we ate breakfast and headed to the site. It was located at the top of a winding hill/road. In a very tight space, some members prepped the ground and forms for concrete, while others started cutting lumber for the next day.

After a delicious lunch of burritos, Gatorade, and apples, it was time to pour the slab. All hands pitched in to supply the mixers with gravel, sand, water and cement.

Two and a half hot, tiring, muscle-burning hours later, we had a slab!

We cleaned up, said goodbye to the family and headed back to rest.

Tomorrow, the walls and roof!


November Info

Hello PACeS Families, 
Welcome to November!
I will be away for most of the month. When I am gone please get in contact with Mr. Dubyna, Mrs. Trenchuk or your teacher for assistance. As always, we LOVE hearing from you. Reach out to us and let us know what is going on and what we can support you with. 
Here are the upcoming events for November (Zoom Links are also in Google Calendar):
Nov 5-12: Mission Trip to Guatemala – Mr. Okimi & Mrs. Morehouse will be on this trip. For Mr. Okimi’s classes, please check Google Classroom for your work. Mr. Okimi will not have online classes while on the trip and we will have limited internet access.
Nov 13-16: Heidi Morehouse is in Oshawa for meetings.
Nov 6: Parent Webinar with Pastor Blize at 6:30 pm – Link to Meet:  
Nov 12 & 13: Remembrance Day Holiday – No Classes/Office Closed
Nov 15: Grade 7-12 Report Cards Sent out
Nov 19: Home Ed Meeting  at 6:30 pm – Link to Meet:
During this Meeting Kerry Sackett will be presenting the Daily 5 Language Arts Program for Elementary Students. This presentation is designed for our Home Ed and Online families. 
Description: Would you like to create an independent,  efficient, highly engaged reader, writer, and learner, and still have time left over to work on other homeschool subjects?  Join Kerry Sackett as she introduces you to “Daily 5” a literacy framework that is sure to provide success in reading and writing.  This is great for grades 1-6.
Nov 20-22: Grade 10-12 Palisades Trip to Jasper, AB. Mr. Dubyna and Mrs. Morehouse will be on this trip. If you are interested in attending. Please email Mr. Dubyna.  For Mr. Dubyna’s classes, please check Google Classroom for your work. Mr. Dubyna will not have online classes while on the trip and we will have limited internet access.
Nov 28: Assembly at 11:45 am  – Links will be in Google Classroom and Google Calendar
Discussion Topic: What is good about your personality ? What do you like like about your personality?  What aspect of your personality adds value to the world?
-Mrs. Morehouse

PACeS Sabbath – Sept 8

This Sabbath Sept 8th we will having our annual PACeS Sabbath get-together.

This year we will be meeting in Lacombe at Casey’s Cabin on the campus of Burman University.
I have attached a link for directions below.

Please let me know if your family is planning to attend.
This will help us plan for the day. You can come for part of the day or all of it.

Please join us for a day of family fellowship outdoors. Casual/Comfortable dress is recommended. Bring your lawn chairs.

Tentative Schedule

10:30 am – Church Activities – Bring lawn chairs

12:30 pm -Haystack Potluck – Bring 2 or 3 haystack items to share with the group. Juice, paper plates, cutlery and, cups will be provided.

Afternoon -Visiting/Free Time/Hike etc.

Supper: -Hot dog Roast: Bring your own hot dogs, buns and roasting sticks. We will all eat together by the fire. Ketchup, mustard, relish, paper plates, cutlery, cups and, juice will be provided.

Vespers -After supper – we will have a short vespers program for anyone who is able to stay

Link for map/directions to Casey’s Cabin:


Welcome to the New School Year

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School year. We are delighted that you have chosen to partner with us this year. Families enrolled with PACeS play a vital role in their child’s education and we are looking forward to working with you  to ensure that your child(ren) has a successful and rewarding school year.

As you can see, our new website is up and running. The website needs to work for you and provide you with the information you need. Please take a look around and let us know what you think, we value your feedback.

For those of you who live closer to Lacombe, we will be having our annual Sabbath Program and picnic on Saturday, Sept 8th at Casey’s Cabin on the campus of Burman University. Details and directions will be sent out in another email and will be posted  on the website.

As we start the school year we have many important dates for online training and parent meetings. Please take note of the schedule below. Zoom links will be emailed to you for each event.

If you have have questions about the beginning of the school year, please email the teachers or myself and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

We are looking forward to a great year!

-Mrs. Morehouse

“Remember what you are taught and listen carefully to words of knowledge” – Proverbs 23:12 NCV

Kindergarten Important Dates: (

Sept 10:   Online Training @ 1 pm  (For Parents – attendance required)

Sept 12: Kindergarten Classes Begin

Grade 1-3 Important Dates: (

Sept 4: Gr. 1-3 @ 7 pm (for Parents – attendance required for either Sept 4 or 5)

Sept 5:    Gr. 1-3 @ 11 am (for Parents – attendance required for either Sept 4 or 5)

Sept 6: 1-6 Classes Begin

Grade 4-6 Important Dates:  (

Sept 4: Gr. 4-6 @ 11 am(for Parents – attendance required for either Sept 4 or 5)

Sept 5: Gr. 4-6 @ 5:30 pm (for Parents – attendance required for either Sept 4 or 5)

Sept 6: 1-6 Classes Begin

Grade 7-8 Important Dates:  (

Sept 4: Gr. 7-8  Beginning @ 9am (for Students – attendance required)

Sept 5: 7-12 Classes Begin

Sept 10: 7/8 Parent Meeting @ 6:30 pm – attendance required

Grade 9-12 Important Dates:  (

Sept 4:  9-12 Online Training

Gr. 9-12 @ 9 am to Noon (for Students – attendance required)

9:00 am – Mrs. Portillo

9:30 am – Mr. Okimi

10:00 am – Mrs. Willing

10:30 am – Mrs. Mac Donald

11:00 am – Mrs. Desjardins

11:30 am – Mr. Dubyna

Sept 5: 9-12 Parent Meeting @ 6:30 pm – attendance required for either Sept 5 or 6

Sept 6: 9-12 Parent Meeting@ 6:30 pm- attendance required for either Sept 5 or 6


Home Education/Shared Responsibility  Important Dates: (

Parent Meetings:

Sept 17 @ 6:30 pm

Nov 19@ 6:30 pm

Feb 11@ 6:30 pm

Apr 9@ 6:30 pm