Math 9 Surveys

It’s that time of year again – Math 9 surveys – these are kids who are looking for a broader sample than they have access to through their own social media.

If you have the time to fill out any of these, it would be much appreciated!

Mr. Okimi


All Ages:

Favourite subject:

Waffles vs Pancakes:

Favourite Sport:

Long-distance travel:



Ages 9-18

Sports Played:


AGe 10 and up

Popular smartphones:

Hot or Cold:

Popular Shoe Brands:


Age 14 and up

Mixed or Planned Economy:


Gr.5/6 Outdoor School

Every year students at Alberta Conference schools get to enjoy a few days of learning in the beautiful classroom of the natural world. Outdoor School is again being held at Foothills Camp from May 27 to 30.

Students will learn according to the regular curriculum, but through activities specifically designed to be hands-on, experiential, and taking full advantage of the natural environment. They will also take part in activities that will help them make new friends, bond with current friends, and strengthen their relationship with God.

In order to attend, please fill out the consent/acknowledgment of risk form below. You can also download the handbook to see the packing list, and other preparations you need to make before heading to Outdoor School. (You don’t need to print it – a copy will be provided for you when you arrive).

Outdoor School Permission and Risk Form

Outdoor School Handbook 2019

Butterfly Effect – recap

On Tuesday, we had over 50 students and staff participate in the Butterfly Effect program presented by COME2LIFE – an organization dedicated to helping young people engage in conversation about emotional health so they can find help, hope, and healing. Pastor Brad Dahr and Susan (one of our students) led us through the session.

We were really blessed by their presentation, and were all reminded that we all have experienced negative emotions in our lives, such as rejection and loneliness, failure, trauma and loss, and shame. But we are not alone – others have also had the same experiences – and help is available. We learned some ways to help ourselves get through negative experiences, and COME2LIFE is also there to help – they would love for you to reach out if you need to talk to someone confidentially. Click the image below to visit their website, and learn more about them.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Staffing Updates for Fall 2019

We are pleased to announce that in the fall of 2019, Mina Desjardins will be our vice-principal. We appreciate her dedication to our students and look forward to her leadership. She will be replacing Chris Dubyna, who has accepted the position of Principal at College Heights Christian School in Lacombe. We have appreciated Mr. Dubyna’s leadership and service to PACeS and we wish him the best in his new adventure!

Stewardship Challenge

Recently the #trashtag challenge has been sweeping the internet.

As God created us to be stewards of our planet, we’d like to challenge PACeS students to take on the stewardship or #trashtag challenge.

Butterfly Effect Program for Gr.7-12

On Tuesday April 30th, we are having a special program that begins during Flex Time.

This program is led by Pastor Brad Dahr and his team. If you have a cell phone or iPad please bring it to participate in the program, this is an optional part of the participation.
Please plan to attend this important session.

The Butterfly Effect is an interactive, educational workshop designed to help you experience positive emotional wellness. During the workshop, you will discover you are not alone while you gain emotional and relational tools to better handle life’s chaos and stress. 

Final Exam Schedule

9-12 Final Exam Schedule June 2019

All exams begin at 9 am (MST)

Monday June 17 Tuesday June 18 Wednesday June 19 Thursday  June 20
Socials 9 Math 9 English 9
English 10 Science 10 Math 10
Chemistry  20 English 20 French 20 Socials 20

If these dates or times do not work for you, you will need to make arrangements with the teacher one week in advance of the exam.  This will only be done for special circumstances and must be approved by Heidi Morehouse

Grade 12 Diploma Exams

June 19 Math 30 Diploma

June 25 Biology Diploma

June 27 Physics 30 Diploma


PACeS Featured in AAN

The March edition of the Albert Adventist News features an article about PACeS and our assembly program this year. Hanging out with different parts of our school family has been really awesome! Check the calendar for the next assembly date.

Here is the article – check the AAN website for the digital version (coming soon).


In assembly this past Wednesday (February 27) the grades 2, 8 and 12 students shared about the people who were their heroes and the characteristics that made them heroes. While we were listening to each other, we wrote down the words we heard (or shared) in a document, which generated the word cloud below. Thanks for participating, and sharing about your heroes!

heroes word cloud

Spirit Week and Assembly

 School Spirit Week – moved to week of April 29
Feb 27 – Assembly – Heroes – “Who is your Hero?” “Who do you want to emulate?”
K, 6,7 – Mrs. Willing, Mrs. Briere, Mrs. Desjardins
2, 8, 12 – Mr. Okimi, Ms. Rochford
3, 5, 10 – Mrs. MacDonald, Mrs. Portillo
1,4,9, 11 – Mrs. Morehouse, Mr. Dubyna
Links will in in Google Classroom and Calendar