Butterfly Effect Program for Gr.7-12

On Tuesday April 30th, we are having a special program that begins during Flex Time.

This program is led by Pastor Brad Dahr and his team. If you have a cell phone or iPad please bring it to participate in the program, this is an optional part of the participation.
Please plan to attend this important session.

The Butterfly Effect is an interactive, educational workshop designed to help you experience positive emotional wellness. During the workshop, you will discover you are not alone while you gain emotional and relational tools to better handle life’s chaos and stress. 

Final Exam Schedule

9-12 Final Exam Schedule June 2019

All exams begin at 9 am (MST)

Monday June 17 Tuesday June 18 Wednesday June 19 Thursday  June 20
Socials 9 Math 9 English 9
English 10 Science 10 Math 10
Chemistry  20 English 20 French 20 Socials 20

If these dates or times do not work for you, you will need to make arrangements with the teacher one week in advance of the exam.  This will only be done for special circumstances and must be approved by Heidi Morehouse

Grade 12 Diploma Exams

June 19 Math 30 Diploma

June 25 Biology Diploma

June 27 Physics 30 Diploma


PACeS Featured in AAN

The March edition of the Albert Adventist News features an article about PACeS and our assembly program this year. Hanging out with different parts of our school family has been really awesome! Check the calendar for the next assembly date.

Here is the article – check the AAN website for the digital version (coming soon).


In assembly this past Wednesday (February 27) the grades 2, 8 and 12 students shared about the people who were their heroes and the characteristics that made them heroes. While we were listening to each other, we wrote down the words we heard (or shared) in a document, which generated the word cloud below. Thanks for participating, and sharing about your heroes!

heroes word cloud

Spirit Week and Assembly

 School Spirit Week – moved to week of April 29
Feb 27 – Assembly – Heroes – “Who is your Hero?” “Who do you want to emulate?”
K, 6,7 – Mrs. Willing, Mrs. Briere, Mrs. Desjardins
2, 8, 12 – Mr. Okimi, Ms. Rochford
3, 5, 10 – Mrs. MacDonald, Mrs. Portillo
1,4,9, 11 – Mrs. Morehouse, Mr. Dubyna
Links will in in Google Classroom and Calendar

Exam Schedule – Grade 9-12

9-12 Exam Schedule                                                                                 January 2019

All exams will be from 9:00-11:00 am

  Mon Jan  21 Tues Jan 22 Wed Jan 23 Thur Jan 24
Grade 9 Science 9 Math 9/Eng 9
Grade 10 Socials 10 French 10 Math 10/Science 10
Grade 11 Biology 20 Physics 20 Math 20
Grade 12 Chemistry 30


Grade 12 Diploma Exams – beginning at 9 am (MST)

Jan 14 Eng 30 Part A

Jan 15 Soc 30 Part A

Jan 24 Eng 30 Part B

Jan 25 Soc 30 Part B

Jan 29 Chemistry




Guatemala Day 4

We finished up the last few items – some interior bits, trim, windows and a door, and cleaned up.

The local pastor came by for a short dedication service. We gave the family the keys, a Bible, and helped them nail a Casas por Cristo plaque to the house. Then they thanked us by feeding us delicious pizza. We were happy to have bonded with them, glad to see their joy at receiving their house, and sad that we had to say goodbye. It must have still been really dusty, as quite a few eyes were wet.

Hopefully we’ll be able to stop by and say hi the next time we come to Guatemala!