February 20

Welcome to Learn 360.

I have set up our school account for Learn 360. Please go to  link below to set up your personal student account. You will set up your own account username, passwords and preferences. I will not have a record of them so please be sure to record them.



I fidget. It is hard for me to sit still. You don’t want to sit beside me on the couch with out giving me room to move. While fidgeting can be annoying on some levels  I am glad the I can “fidget” with my life of worship. God does not want us to be at a standstill. He wants to us to be moving, growing and learning.

“The life of a worshiper is never at a standstill. God reveals, and we reply. God acts, and we are amazed. God Shines, and we reflect. This is the life of worship. This is the beautiful rhythm of revelation and response that occurs when our hearts, minds, and souls encounter the wonders of God.”  Mirror Ball, by Matt Redman


Have fun fidgeting! Go and try something new. See where your life of worship will take you this week.

Heidi Lehmann