Financial Policies


Textbooks Policy:
All textbooks must be returned by July 31st immediately following the end of school. Any books not returned will result in replacement costs being charged.

Alberta Residents

There are no tuition fees for students enrolled in our K-12 online (teacher-directed) program by September 30th. Textbooks are also provided free of charge, though some workbooks may need to be purchased. Alberta students registering in the online program after September 30th will be charged “Non-Alberta Residents” tuition rates.

Receipting Policy:
Alberta Home Education funding is only available to Families that are under the Home Education Regulation (parent-directed program) and enrolled with PACeS by September 30th. Reimbursements are processed beginning October 1st. The last day to submit receipts is June 15th of the current school year. The Funding Claim Form must also be filled out and submitted with receipts.

In keeping with Alberta Education guidelines, unused funding can no longer roll over to the next school year. All funds and receipts must be aligned with the educational plan for each specific school year.

Home Education Reimbursement Standards
Summary of Significant Changes 2017-18
Funding Claim Form (printable .pdf)
Funding Claim Form (editable spreadsheet)

Non-Alberta Residents

Annual Tuition Rates (2018-19):

Grade Canadian International
K-3 $1560 $1660
4-6 $1630 $1730
7-9 $2120 $2220
10-12 $2650 $2750
Single Class ­$500 $600


Family Discount:
 First/Second Child:         Full Rate
Third/Fourth Child:        Half Rate

Tuition fees also include most textbooks. Some workbooks may need to be purchased.

Outstanding Tuition:
Tuition fees are to be paid by the 15th of each month (September to June).
Previous year’s tuition must be paid in full before students can register for a new school year.
In order to remain enrolled with PACeS, account must be paid in full prior to the end of the current term.

Account must be paid in full in order for official transcripts to be released.

Man-Sask PACeS Subsidy Policy and Application
(must be submitted to Man-Sask Conference and PACeS before September 15th of the current school year)