Grade 1 Canadian Coin Contest

Here are the entries from the Grade 1 Canadian Currency Contest – what a great job by the students!

Bjorn – This little fella drew what we most love about Canada…its vast landscapes, mountains and waterfalls.

Jonathan – This little boy said he chose a bald eagle because it represents strength and endurance. Yeah that’s Canadians!

Abigail – Now this one is classy and beautiful and is a copy of artist Benjamin Chee Chee’s work I believe. It’s a “Canada Goose”…how much more Canadian can it get??!! Love it.

Alycia – Now this one…kinda makes me tear up…at first I didn’t understand the picture under the flag…I was thinking canoe…but she explained to me in class that no…that’s a hockey puck. Need I say more?😢

Rebecca – This little girl said she chose a lighthouse because we have them out East and the “light shines out onto the water” calling us all back home. Sweet eh?