Greetings from Guatemala!!

PACeS mission trip to Guatemala (in the town of San Raymundo) is going well!

We had safe flights on Monday, and all ten team members met up in the Houston airport for the final leg of the journey. We arrived in Guatemala City and cleared customs – after an hour long drive along 12 miles of dark, winding road, we arrived at our lodging.

After a few hours of sleep, we ate breakfast and headed to the site. It was located at the top of a winding hill/road. In a very tight space, some members prepped the ground and forms for concrete, while others started cutting lumber for the next day.

After a delicious lunch of burritos, Gatorade, and apples, it was time to pour the slab. All hands pitched in to supply the mixers with gravel, sand, water and cement.

Two and a half hot, tiring, muscle-burning hours later, we had a slab!

We cleaned up, said goodbye to the family and headed back to rest.

Tomorrow, the walls and roof!