How to be a Better Learner

As I was reading the  September issue of the magazine, “Real Simple” I came across an article entitled ” How to be a Better Learner”, written by Geraldine Sealey.  Geraldine suggests the following smart strategies to help your household keep on top of daily homework:

1) Mix things Up – vary your daily study schedule and times, try shorter purposeful  study times for each subject and rearrange the order you do them. “Think of it as cognitive cross-training”, says Sealey.

2) Study on a Schedule – plan to revisit information, this helps it stay in long term memory, so no cramming.

3) Sleep on it – Sleep is important and needed in order to retain information

4) Get Hands-On – figure out a way to actively engage material; sing a song, learn how to knit, head outside and, create something

5) Test your Memory – Read a passage and practice recalling what it was about. By training your brain this way you are training your brain to use the correct pathways.

6) Try a Change of Scenery – Switch rooms and study spaces. Learning information in various environments will help you be able to recall it anywhere.

7) Pose the Right Questions – Ask yourself questions about what you are studying.This will help you remember details as you answer your own questions.

8) Take Notes Later – Don’t frantically scribble notes while the teacher is talking, it can be distracting. Reflect on the lesson later and create your own review notes.

9) Challenge Yourself , But not too Much – Don’t push yourself so hard that you get stuck. Make your goals achievable.

10) Be Mindful – Plan to relieve stress through a relaxing devotional time.

11) Teach Someone Else – One of the best ways to understand something is to explain it to someone else.

12) Keep it Entertaining – Look for fun field trips and plans personal reward time for yourself.