Requirements for Gr. 9-12 Math

graph paper
ruler (cm/inches)
scanner (capable of scanning and saving to .pdf files) (or smartphone – see this document for details)

scientific calculator (math 9/10)
graphing calculator (20 and 30 level classes)

Calculator Notes:
Calculators may NOT be software/apps on smartphones or computers.
A graphing calculator may be used in math 9/10 instead of the scientific calculator. This would help you become familiar with the calculator required in 20/30 level classes.
The TI-84+ or Casio fx-9750 giii are recommended, but any graphing calculator from Alberta Education’s approved list is acceptable.

For Mr. Okimi’s Math classes, the following are strongly recommended:

Graphics tablet:

Wacom Intuos at or BestBuy or similar.

In order for students to get help as soon as possible, it has been really helpful for them to do their assignments online. Otherwise I can’t see where they’re having difficulties until after it’s been turned in. The best way to get that immediate feedback, especially when starting homework during class time, is to use a graphics tablet that lets them write clearly and quickly on the computer. All assignments will be setup in digital format – though students can print them as well. I’ve been using one since I started teaching at PACeS, and it works very well. The tablet linked above should work easily with Windows or Mac computers.

Recently, personal computers with digitizers built in to the touchscreen have become more readily available. This could work in place of a separate digitizer tablet.

If you have any questions, please email me at the address below: