Reading Fun

Here is what Emily, Lily, Elissa and Katelyn have been reading!

Way to go girls!!!! Let’s see if we can get a longer list next month!

 – Heidi Lehmann


Your kind of mommy by Marjorie blain Parker
By dr. Mary Manz Simon koala does his best, bear obeys and squirrel says thank you
Baby’s first book a golden baby book
I love you through and through by Bernadette Rossetti-shusta

Sense and Sensibility
Mirror Mirror on the wall – Dear America
My Face to the Wind – Dear America
Bicycle Mystery – Alden Family Mystery
Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Japan
Favorite Fairy Tales Told in India
The Lacemaker and the Princess
The Adventure of Robin Hood
The Curse of Ravenscourt
A Bundle of Trouble
Mandie and the Missing Schoolmarm
Caboose Mystery – the Boxcar Children
Mystery in the Sand – the Boxcar Children
Seed of Hope – Dear America
Picture of Freedom – Dear America
The Hidden Gold
Anacona Golden Flower – Royal Diaries
A Nurse Called Tommie
Flee Middle Gardens
Meet Cecile


The Haunted Opera
Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Japan
Favorite Fairy Tales Told in India
Mandie book 29
The Mandie Special
The Lacemaker and the Princess
A Bundle of Trouble
Mirror Mirror on the wall – Dear America
My Face to the Wind – Dear America
The Curse of Ravenscourt
Mandie book 30
The Princess Bride
Princess of Versailles
My Secret War – Dear America
The Hidden Gold
Anacona Golden Flower – Royal Diaries
Picture of Freedom – Dear America
Under the Blood Banner
Flee Middle Gardens
Dr. Rabbit
Sibande and other stories
The Secret Garden
Seed of Hope – Dear America
Warrior Queen of Matumba
Call It Courage
Fairy Tales from Spain

Emily Kerbs

“Abe Lincoln’s Hat” by Martha Brenner. Random House. New York.

“Abraham Lincoln: A Courageous Leader” by Kollard, Sneed B. New York.

“A Break in the Chain.” by Chris d’ Lacey. Crab tree Publishing Company. Ontario.

“Adventure on Wild Horse Mountain” by Jerry D. Thomas. Pacific Press Publishing Association.

“A Gold Star for Eric.” by, Colleen L. Reece. Pacific Press Publishing Association. Oshawa.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” by Judith Viorst. Aladdin Paperbacks.

“Amazing Creatures” by Lynn Huggins-Cooper. Marshall Cavendish Benchmark.

“Amazing Frogs, and Toads” by Barry Clarke Weston Woods. New York.

“Amazing Planet Earth” by John Farndon, Jack Halloner, Robin Kerrod and Rodney Walshaw. Hermes house.  London.

“Animal e.encyclopedia Google” The ultimate online learning resource. Ed.Sarah Larter. Dk Publishing,inc.

“Annie And The Old One” by Miska Miles. Little, Brown And Company. New York.

“Ant.The Life Cycle” by Bobbie Kalman. Crabtree Publlishing Company

“A North American Rain Forest Scarpbook”, by Virginia Wright- Frierson.Walker and Company. New York.

“A Prairie Boy’s Summer” by William Kurelek. Tundra Books of Montreal.

“A Prairie Boy’s Winter” by William Kurelek. Tundra Books of Montreal.

“Are you a Spider?” by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries. King Fisher. New York.

“Argentina” by Gareth Stevenns Publishing.

“A song of Canada” by Sharon Steward. Parson Education Canada. Toronto.

“At Home in the Coral Reef” by Katy Muzik. Charlesbridge. Watertown. MA.

“A to z  Mysteries Series”

“ The canary Capper”

“Stepping Stone Book”

“ The Absent Author”

“The Deadly Dungeon”

“The Empty Envelope”

“The Haunted Hotel”

“The kidnaped King”

“the Lucky Lottery”

“The Missing Mummy”

“The Ninth Nugget”

“The Orange Outlaw”

“The Panda Puzzle”

“The Quick Sand Question”

“The Runaway Racehorse”

“The School Skeleton”

“The Unwilling Umpire”

“The White House White Out”

“The X- ed Out X-Ray”

“The Yellow Yachtt”

“The Zombie Zone”

The Falcons Feathers”

This Series were done by Ron Roy. Scholastic Inc. New York.

“A True Book Airplanes” by Darlene Stille.  Children’s Press. New York.

“Australia” by Mary Virginia Fox. Heinemann Library. Chicago, Ill.

“Australia and Oceania” by Malcom P Orter and Keith Lye. Steck-Vaughn Publishers.

“Australia. Facts about Countries” by Dana Meachen Rau. Sea-to-Sea.

“Australia. Exploration Into” by Kate Darian-Smith. Chelsea House Publishers.

“Back Home” by Gloria Jean Pinkney. Dial Books. New Jersey.

“Bellas Historias de La Biblia” by Arturo Maxwel. Tomo 1. P. Press Pub. Associacion.

“Belle’s Journey” by Marilyn Raynolds. Orca Books Publishers. Hong Kong.

Beverly Clearly. Muggie Maggie” Scholastic. New York.

“Big and Little. A Book of Opposites” by Richard Scarry’s. Western Publishing Company, Inc.

Racine. Wisconsin.

“Big Sister and  Little Sister” by, Charlote Zolotow.

“Biggest, Strongest, Fastest” by Steve Jenkins. Ticknor & Fields Books for Young Readers. New York.

“Blackberry” by Joanne Chitwood Nowack. Review and Herald P.A.Hagerstowan.MD.

“Buddy the First Seeing Eye Dog” by Eva Moore. Scholastic. Dubuque, Iowa.

“Bugs by the Numbers” by Sharon Werner. Blue Apple Books. Maplewood, NJ.

“Brave Pioneers” by Merlin L. Neff. Pacific Press P. A. Mountain View.

“Cabbage Patch Kids” by Larry Callen. Parker Brothers pub. Cleveland.

“Cactus Hotel” by Brenda Z. Giberson. Henry Holt and Company. New York.

“Canada Map Book” by Lindsay Counter. Apple Press.  Newmarket.

“Charlie Horse” by Paul B.  Ricchiuti. Review And Herald Publishing Association.  Haherstown.

“Child Craft. The How and Why Library. Make and Do” Vol.9.Field Enterprises Educational Corporation.

“City Dog” by Karla Kustin. Clarion Books. New York.

“Classic Scrapbooking” by Vera Rosen Bluth and Susan Mc. Diarmid. Harley & Marks Publishers. Vancouver.

“Climbing Your Family Tree” by Ira Wolfman Publishing. New York.

“Connecting to the World” by Many Voices. Pearson Edu. Can.Toronto.

“Creepy Crawlies. Lift the Flap” by Sarah Khan. Usborne Publishing Ltd. London.

“Deborah” byMargit Strom Heppenstall. Southern Publishing Association. NashvilleTennessee.

Delicious Desserts” by Bobbie Kalman. Crabtree Publishing. New York, New York.

“Discover Great Paintings” by Lucy Micklethwait. Firefly Books Ltd.  Ontario.

“Discovering First Peoples and First Contacts” by Daniel Francis. Oxford University Press. New York.

“Dollar Store Décor” by Mark Montano. Universe Publishing. New York.

“Duncan’s Way” by Ian Wallace. Groundwood Books. Toronto.

“Easy Math Art. Project and Activities.Delight Full Art Projects for Young Learners” by Cecilia Dinio-Durking

“Eat My Dust. Henry Ford’s First Race” by Monica Kulling. Random House. New York.

“ED Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals” by Emberley,Ed. Little, Brown and Company. New York.

“Elefants. Welcome to the World of” by Diane Swanson. Whitecap Books. British Columbia.

“Endengerd Monk Seals” by Bobbie Kalman. Crabtree Publishing Company. Ontario.

Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective” by Donald J. Sobol. Puffin Books. New York, New York.

Encyclopedia Brown”

“And His Best Case Ever”

“And The Case Of The Secret Pitch”

“Keeps The Peace”

“Solves Them All”

“Case Of The Midnight Visitor”

“First Flight. The Story of Tom Tate and the Wright Brothers” by George Shea.  Harper Collins Publishers. New York.

“Foods That Heal” by, Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger. Review And Herald Publishing Association.Maryland.

“Frog Goes To Dinner” by Mercer Mayer. Weston Woods. New York.

“Frogs, Toads, Lizards, and Salamanders” by Nancy Winslow Parker.

“From Caterpillar to Butterfly” by Deborah Heiligman.  Harper Collins Publishers.  New York.

Gathering of Pearls” by Sook Nyul Choi. Houghton Mifflin Company. Boston.

“Galimoto” by Karen Lynn Williams. Harper Collins Publishers.Ill.

“Garbage Disposal” by, Debora Jackson Bedford.

“Garden Friends” by Deborah Lock. Editor.  DK Publishing, Inc.  Great Britain.

“George Washington carver” by Elisabeth MacLeod.  Kids Can Press.  New York.

“Gingerbread House” by Vera Groamer. Southern Publishing Association.

“Good Friends Again” by Vera Groamer. Southern Publishing Association.

“Grandfather’s Journey, by Allen Say. Houghton Mifflin Company. Boston.

“Grizzly Bears. Amazing Animals” by Jacqueline Dneen. Weigl Publishers Inc. New York.

“Growing Vegetable Soup” by Lois Ehlert.  Scholastic. New York.

Hair Flair” by Nancy Hall . Watermill Press. U.S.A.

“Have You Seen My Cat?” by Eric Carle. Scholastic.  New York.

“Heat. Science Explorer” by Sophie Lockwood. Michigan.

“Helen Keller” by Johanna Hurwitz. Random House. New York.

“Hiawatha’s Kind Heart” A Walt Disney Beginning Reader.

“Honeybee. The Life Cycle” by Bobbie Kalman. Crabtree Publishing Company.

“Hot and Cold” by Melinda Lily. Rourke Publishing. Florida.

“Hot and Cold. Start up Science” by Jack Challone. Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers. Texas.

“How do We Live Together? Mountain Lions” by Lucia Raatma. Corporate Graphics. Michigan.

“How Do Horses Help Us At Work And at Play?” by Jean Coppendale. Queb. Publishing.Ca.

“Huck Runs Amuck!” by Sean Taylor. Dial Books. New York.

“I am a Whale. The Life of a Humpback Whale” by Darlene R. Stille. Picture Window Books. Mineapolis.

“I Miss Grandpa” by Karen Holford.  Pacific Press Publishing Association. Oshawa.

“I’m Sorry” by Sam Mc. Bratney. Harper Collins Publishers.UK.

“Insects and Spiders” by Matthew Robertson.  Reader’s Digest Children’s Books. New York

“Insects. Make it Work” by Liz Wyse. Scholastic. Canada. Ontario.

“Jamal’s Busy Day” by Wade Hudson. Just Us Books. New Jersey.

“Judy Moody” by Megan Mc. Donald. Candlewick Press. Cambridge.

“Julius” by Veralee Wiggins. Pacific Press Publishing Association. Nampa.

“Kindle Me a Riddle” by Roberta Karim. Greenwillow Books. New York.

“Koko –Love! Conversations With a Singing Gorilla” by Dr. Francine Patterson. Dutton Children’s Books.

New York.

“Land And Sea” by Christel Kleitsch.  Pearson Education Canada. Toronto.

“Learning About Weather”. Learning Playground, by World Book. A Scott Fetzer Company. Chicago.

“Let’s Look At Snails” by Laura Hamilton Waxman. Learner Publications Company. Mineapolis.

“Lincon’s, Slavery, and the emancipation Proclamation” by Ford, Carin T. Berkeley heights, NJ, Enslaw Publishers.

“Lions” by Rachel Hanel. Creative Education.

“Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing –Along. The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs” Includes CD. Sterling Children’s Books. New York.   

“L is for Land of Living Skies.A Saskatchewan Alphabet” by Linda Aksomitis. Sleeping Bear Press. Ann Arbor.

“Little Maid” by Etta B. Degering. Review and Herald. P. A. U.S.A.

“Little Mouse and the Big Cupcake” by Thomas Taylor. Boxer Books. Great Britain.

“Living in a Prairie”, by Carol Baldwin. Heinemann Library. Chicago, Illinois.

“Looking at Places. Communities in Canada” Pearson Education Canada. Toronto.

“Looking at People” Pearson Education Canada. Toronto.

“Looking at Work. Communities in Canada” Pearson Education Canada. Toronto.

“Looking at You” Pearson Education Canada.  Toronto.

“Making a Differnce” by Cindy and Lalia Harvie Kerr. Pearson Education Canada. Toronto.

“Manateess. The Giant Animals” by Marianne Johnston. Power Kids Press. New York.

“Mama, do you love me?” by Barbara M. Joose. Printed in Hong Kong.”

“Math all Around. Multiplication on the Farm” by Jennifer Rozines. Roy and Gregory Roy.Marshall Cavendish. New York.

“Math Strategies that Multiply. The Best of Times” by Greg Tang. Scholastic Inc. New York.

“Myths and Legends” by Many Voices. Pearson Ed. Can.Toronto.

“Mog and Granny” by Judith Kerr. Collings Picture Lions.

“More Parts” by Tedd Arnold. Dial Books.

“Mr. Lincoln’s High-Tech War how to. North used the Telegraph, Railroads, Survillance, Ballons,Ir” by Allan, Thomas. B. Washington, D.C. National Geographic.

“Ms. Davison Our Librarian” by Alice K.  Flanagan.  Children’s Press.  New York.

“Multiplication Made Fun. Let Owl Show You How” by Holly Beaumont.DK Publishing. New York.

“My Bible Storybook” by Review and Herald Publishing Association. Haguerstown, Maryland.

“My Book of Opposites” by Disney Western Publishing Company, Inc. Racine. Wisconsin.

“My Community: Then and Now.” by Lynn Bryan.

“My First Bible Stories” by Creative Publishing, Edmonton. A. B. Canada.

“My Pajama Bible” by Andy Holmes. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Ill.

“Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew Series” by Carolyn Keen. Simon and Schuster. USA, New Jersey

“Princess Mix-Up Mystery”

“Chick Napped”

“April Fools Day”

“Ski School Sneak”

“Cupcake Chaos”

“Ticket Trouble”

“The Circus Scare”

“Nature’s Children Series”




“Rabbits” by Laima Dingwall. Grolier Limited.Dinwall.

“Skischool Sneak” by Carolyn Keene. Aladdin Paperbacks. New York.

“Chick-Napped” by Carolyn Keene. Aladdin Paperbacks. New York.

“Nicky Goes to the Doctor” by Richards Scarry’s. Western Publishing Company.

“Nunuvut Explore Canada’s Arctic” by Weigl Educational Publishers Limited.

“One Night in the Coral Sea” by Sneed B. Collard III. Charlesbridge.Watertown,Ma.

“Outdoor Things to do Year Round Fun for Girls and Boys” By William Hillcourt. Golden Press. New York.

“Paddle to the Sea” by Holling.

“Parts” by Tedd Arnold. Dial Books.

“Path of the Pronghorn” by Cat Urbigkit. Boyds Mills Press. Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

“Pictures” by Joan Sandin Harper Trophy. U.S.A.

“Plants That Heal” by, Dr. George D. Pamplona –Roger. Review And Herald Publishing Association.Maryland.

“Pokey the Runaway Bear” by Ethel Maxine Neff. Pacific Press. Oshawa.

“Prairie Willow” by Trottier/Fernandez/Jackobson. Stoddart Kids. New York.

“Pueblo Storyteller” by Diane Hoyt –Gold Smith. New Mexico. Holiday House. New York.

“Rocks and Minerals” by Nelson W. HylerWonder Books New York.

“Sarah,Plain and All” by Patricia Mac.Lachlan.

“Saskatchewan. Land Of Living Skies” by Weigl Educational Publishers Limited.

“Science In Food” by George and Shirley Coulter. Rourke Publications, Inc. Vero Beach, Florida.

“Science Alioe!”Series

“The Human Body” by Crabtree Publishing Company. Crabtree Publishing. New York.


“Health and Medicine”



“Settlers. Early Canada.” by, Header C Hudac. Ed. Weigl Educational Publishers Limited.

“Sharing Songs and Stories” Pearson Education Canada. Toronto.

“Sharks. Facts at your fingertips” Ed. Virien Chopra. DK Publishing.New York.NY.

“Shark In The Sea.”by Joanne Ryder. Morrow Junior Books. New York. NY.

“ Summer of The Sharks” by Sally Streib. Pacific Press. Nampa, Idaho.

“Sitting on the Farm” By Bob King. Bill Slavin. Kids Can Press Ltd. Toronto.

Skeleton” by Ruth Belov Gross. Scholastic. New York

“Small Wolf”  by Nathaniel Benchley.

“So That’s How I was Born” by Dr. Robert Brooks. Little Simon. New York

“Spiders” by Nick Bishop. Scholastic. New York.

“Tales form the Waterhole” by Bob Graham. Canddelsitick Press. Cambridge, Massachusets.

“The Beautiful Butterfly Book” by Sue Unstead. Waterbird Books. Ohio.

“The Best Book of Bugs” by Claire Llewellyn. King Fisher.  New York.

“The Best Holiday crafts Ever!” by Kathy Ross. The Millbrook Press. Brookfield, Connecticut 1997.

“The Bible Story” Vol.5 by Arthur Maxwel. P. Press Pub. Association.

Vol.7, vol.8.

“The Birchbark House” by Louise Erdric. Hyperion Books.  New York.

“The Bird of Jesus” Retold by Catherine Storr. Raintree Steck-Vaughn. London.

“The Courage of Sarah Noble” by Alice Dangliesh. Aladdin Paperbacks. New York.

“The Doorbell Rang” by Pat Hutching. S China Printing Company.

“The Doubleday Illustrated Children’s Bible” by, Sandol Stoddard. Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York.

“The Early Family Home” by Bobbie Kalman.  Crabtree Publishing Company.  Toronto.

“The Family Tree Detective” by Ann Douglas. Owl Books, Toronto.

“The Gardener” by Sarah Stewart.  Berryville Graphics.  Washington D.C.

“The How and Why Wonder Book of Rocks and Minerals” by Nelson w. Hyler. Wonder Books. New York.

“The Human Body Book” by Steve Parker. D.K. London.

“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Iza Trapani.  Charlesbridge. Watertown, Ma.

“The Legend of the Indian Paint Brush” by Tomie De Paola. G. P. Putnam’s Sons. New York.

“The Mitten. A Ukrainian Folktale” by Jan Brett. G.P. Putnna’s. New York.

“The Panda. Wild About Bamboo” by Valerie Tracqui. Reader’s Digest. New York.

“The Quilt Story” by Tony Johnson and Tomie De Paola. G.P. Putnam’s Sons. New York.

“The Rocky Mountains”, by Larry Bograd.Benchmark Books. New York.

“The Runaway Racehorse” by Ron Roy. Scholastic. New York.

“The Salamander Room” by Anne Mazer. Dragonfly Books. New York.

“The Story of George Washington Carver”, by Eva Moore. Scholastic.New York.

“The Story of Ruby Bridges” by Robert Coles. Scholastic. New York.

“The tale of Benjamin Bunny” by, Beatrix Potter. F. Warne & Co. From the Beatrix Potter Collection.

“The Tale of Flopsy Bunnies” by, Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Gloucester” by, Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck” by,Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Jeremy Fisher” by, Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle” by, Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse” by, Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Samuel Whiskers” by, Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Squirrel Nutking” by, Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes” by, Beatrix Potter.

“The Tale of Tom Kitten” by, Beatrix Potter.

“TheTale of two Bad Mice” by, Beatrix Potter.

“The True or False Book of Horses” by Patricia Lauber. Harper Collins Publishers. Rosaly, Ill.

“The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen.Morrow Junior Books.New York.

“The Ultimate Horse Sticker Book” by Dorling Kindersley Book. Italy.

“The Warrior Maiden” by Elen Schecter. Kendall/ Hunt Publishing Company.

“The Usborne Introduction to Art”. by Rosie Dickins.  National Gallery

“The Wednesday Surprise” by Eve Bunting. Clarion Books.  New York.

“The Write Brothers for Kids” by Mary Kay Carson.  Review Press. Chicago.

“The Zebra. Striped Horse” by Denis-Huot.Reader’s Digest.New York.

“Though the Winds Blow” by Robert H. Pierson. Southern Publishing Association. Nashville, Tennessee.

“Trash!” by Charlote Wilcox. Carolrhoda Books, Inc. Minneapolis.

“Trouble on the Train” by Catherine Lucas. Nick Jr. .New York.

“Tell me A Story” by Cindy Hiseler.  Pearson Education Canada.

“Tunisia” by Many Voices. Pearson. Ed. Can.

“Twice Yours” by Nan Gurley. Zonder Kids. Michigan.

“Voices from Lac La Biche”by Susan Petersiel Berg.

“What Is An Arthropod?” by Bobbie Kalman. Crabtree Publishing Company.

“We are all Connected” by Cindy Hiseler and Lalia Harvie Kerr. Pearson Education Canada.

“We look After Our World” by Cindy Hiseler and Lalia Harvie Kerr. Pearson Education Canada.

“Welcome to Argentina” by Gared Stevens Publishing.

“When Africa Was Home” by Karen Lynn Williams. Orchard Books. New York.

“Where the Waves Break. Life at the Edge of the Sea” by, Anita Malnig.Carolrhoda Books, Inc./Minneapolis.

“Will We Miss Them. Endangered Species” by Alexandra Wright. Charlesbridge.Ma.

“Wish You Were Here India” by, Chelsea Donaldson. Pearson. Education Canada. Toronto.

“Wish You Were Here Ukraine” by, Chelsea Donaldson. Pearson. Education. Canada. Toronto.

“Yo Soy Valiente” by,  Valerie Davies. Serie Tiny Tots. Unilit Publishing Company. Miami, Fl. Spanish Version. Original Version is in English.

“Yuki,An Alaskan Adventure” by, Kenneth C. Crawford.Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.Dubuke,Iowa.