Tests and Exams

Good afternoon PACeS,

As a staff, we have been discussing ways to help our students (particularly in grades 7-12) be prepared for the types of testing they will see as they move into and through high school. We met with some parents recently, and have been getting feedback from parents and students as well. We’ve summarized our thoughts below, and also added it to the handbook (which we hope you’ve read). Let us know if you have any questions!

Exams and Tests
As in any other school, tests and exams are part of the educational process at PACeS. Not only do they help teachers assess students’ progress, they help prepare students to take the Diploma exams in Grade 12. Diploma exams must be taken to receive an Alberta high school diploma and the scores are required by Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Because teachers cannot supervise students and their environment during testing, help from parents/guardians is necessary. Supervision means receiving and printing the test and ensuring that the student does not access prohibited materials such as notes, books, devices, or websites(other than an online exam) and that the test is taken with the time limits and before any deadlines. This requires a commitment of time and effort on the part of both the parent and the student.

Preparing for exams is crucial for student success, and begins on the first day of classes. In the past, those students who have actively and faithfully taken notes, been involved in classes, and studied beyond just homework have done well on tests. Those who have done only the minimum amount of work have not done well. Also, having a quiet place free of distractions for studying, classes, and test-taking is necessary.