Welcome to the New School Year – Info

Books: They have been shipped. You should have them by the end of next week.
Log in info (Usernames/Passwords): Will be emailed out to you later next week.
New Student Online Training  (Sept 2) : If you are new to PACeS, one of the teachers will contact you to schedule a time for online practice. This will be a one-on-one session.
September 3: First day of School
September 4: Online Parent Meetings will be that evening. This is a time for you to “meet” the teacher and learn about their classroom. The log in information/instructions will be sent out after school begins. If you cannot attend these meetings, you can watch the recording later.
Staff Contact List: I have emailed you the  contact information for the staff. Please take note of the  time zone they live in. You can get a hold of us during regular school hours. If we are unable to talk at that time please leave us a message and we will get back to you. We also check our emails regularly.
Java: Please download the latest version of “Java” at java.com before school begins.
Equipment: You need to have a headset with a microphone and printer/scanner.
Grade 7-12 Flex Time: This will begin the second week of school. During this time students will be able to go the the teachers for extra help.
Mathletics, Powerschool etc: Accounts for the various online resources that we use will be set up during the second week of school. The log in info that you need for your child will be emailed to you.
-Heidi Lehmann