Math 9 Surveys

Hello PACeS students, families and visitors!

In Math 9, the students have been making surveys to collect information to analyze.
Some of them need to collect more responses than they have locally available. If you have a few minutes, would you please click on the links below and fill out the surveys? (They’re not very long).

Any responses are greatly appreciated! (and no personally identifying information is collected).


Mr. Okimi



The class has finished collecting data – thanks for your time and willingness to help!

June Exam Schedule (Grade 9-12)

9-12 Final Exam Schedule                                                                                   June 2018

All exams will be from 9:00-11:00 am

Monday June 18 Tuesday June 19 Wednesday June 20 Thursday  June 21
English 9 Math 9
Socials 10 Science 10
Biology 20 English 20 Physics 20


If these times do not work for you, you will need to make arrangements with the teacher one week in advance of the exam.  This will only be done for special circumstances and must be approved by Heidi Morehouse


Grade 12 Diploma Exams

June 14 Socials 30 Part A Diploma

June 22 Socials 30 Part B Diploma

June 26 Chemistry 30 Diploma

June 28 Physics 30 Diploma

Grade 1 Canadian Coin Contest

Here are the entries from the Grade 1 Canadian Currency Contest – what a great job by the students!

Bjorn – This little fella drew what we most love about Canada…its vast landscapes, mountains and waterfalls.

Jonathan – This little boy said he chose a bald eagle because it represents strength and endurance. Yeah that’s Canadians!

Abigail – Now this one is classy and beautiful and is a copy of artist Benjamin Chee Chee’s work I believe. It’s a “Canada Goose”…how much more Canadian can it get??!! Love it.

Alycia – Now this one…kinda makes me tear up…at first I didn’t understand the picture under the flag…I was thinking canoe…but she explained to me in class that no…that’s a hockey puck. Need I say more?😢

Rebecca – This little girl said she chose a lighthouse because we have them out East and the “light shines out onto the water” calling us all back home. Sweet eh?


Edible Book Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated!!

K-3: Sarah P.

4-6: Isabella S.

7-9: Abigail G.

10-12: Matthew S.

Staff: Ms. Rochford

Most Likely to be Eaten by Mr. Dubyna: Lars L.

Principals Pick: Sara F.

Grand Champion: Brooklyn P.

Honourable Mention:

Victoria H.

Addison S.


Click on the link to see the winning entries:

Contest Winners

Gr.3 Pysanky Contest

It’s that time of year again, when the Grade 3 students have just finished their unit on the Ukraine, and learned a lot about a unique people, culture and country. They would have loved to try making some real Ukrainian Pysanky Easter Eggs, but instead did a Pysanky Colouring contest which was almost as fun! Our first place winner is Jaron. We also have an honorable mention, Katie.

Great work everyone!

1st Place – Jaron

pysanky colouring contest 1st place Jaron

Honourable Mention – Katie

pysanky colouring contest honourable mention Katie


Edible Book Contest

We are excited to launch our Edible Book Contest for February. Take a look at the link below!

We are looking forward to seeing your submissions.

Mrs. MH


Do you love Books? And Food? And Prizes?

Submissions due Feb 28th

Upload a picture of your entry to Google Classroom (Assembly)

Rules and Prizes

The rules for participating in the contest are simple: your entry should relate to books and reading, and it has to be edible (sweet or savory, raw or cooked…it’s all good!). You can take inspiration from a poem, a beloved piece of cover art, a famous author, a scroll…just use your imagination and your culinary skills!  You need display your book inspiration or cover image alongside your entry as well as a list of all ingredients used to create the masterpiece.

Prize Categories:






Grand Champion

Principal’s Pick

Most Likely to be Eaten by Mr. Dubyna

Click here to see some Examples!

Edible Book Contest (1)

Exam Schedule

9-12 Exam Schedule                                                                                 January 2018

All exams will be from 9:00-11:00 am

Monday Jan 22 Tuesday Jan 23 Wednesday Jan 24 Thursday  Jan 25
  Science 9   Socials 9
  Math 10   English 10
Social 20   Math 20 Chemistry 20


If these times do not work for you, you will need to make arrangements with the teacher one week in advance of the exam.  This will only be done for special circumstances and must be approved by Heidi Morehouse.

Grade 12 Diploma Exams

Jan 11 Eng 30 Part A Diploma

Jan 23 Eng 30 Part B Diploma

Jan 25 Math 30 Diploma

Jan 26 Biology Diploma


Week of Prayer

We are looking forward to our Week of Prayer next week (Dec 11-14). Our team of speakers is from Adventist Southeast Asia Projects. You can check out their website at:

7-9 will meet at 8:30am:

Join URL:

K-6 will meet at 9:00am (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

On Thursday, K-6 will have their regular monthly assembly with Mrs. Kerry.

Assembly Link for Thursday

10-12 will meet at 11:10 am:

Join URL:

Julia O’Carey’s Bio

Julia O’Carey is the director of ASAP Ministries, a non-profit organization that advocates for the persecuted, the poor, the unreached and refugees from the 10/40 window. She grew up for nine years in Thailand where her family worked in the refugee camps. She used to be an elementary school teacher before she joined ASAP Ministries. She lives in the country in Michigan with her husband, AJ, two daughters, Kaila (a PACeS 10th grader) and Liana, a third grader, along with their two dogs, Taco and Jetta, and their ten chickens. Julia loves Jesus and wants to see His end-time work finished so He can come soon.

William Wells’ Bio

A brief bio about me: I am a recent graduate of Andrews University with a Master’s of Divinity. Over the years I have served as a Bible worker, youth pastor, evangelism, task force work in Australia, and engaged in multiple cross-cultural mission oriented activities. Most recently I have been engaged in assisting local SDA refugee church plants and reaching Muslims on my university campus. My wife and I have been married for a little over three months now and are looking forward to seeing how God will lead and direct our lives for labor in His vineyard. My desire is to see young people engage with Jesus in ways that make Him relevant to their lives and culture.

Lisa Isensee’s Bio

Pastor Lisa Isensee is currently the Ambassador Director for ASAP Ministries. For the past 21 years, Pastor Lisa worked in the Ohio, Dakota, and Wisconsin Conferences in pastoral ministry, youth ministry, and most recently church planting. She is passionate about seeing people of all ages find joy in serving Jesus using the gifts He’s given. She loves mission trips and believes that when the youth lead out in or support missions it always impacts their love for — and passion to share about — their Savior.  She is married to Richard and they home school their five children Anthony (17), Katherine (15), Elizabeth (11), Victoria (9), and Benjamin (4). All seven of them enjoy living on a skinny, but long, piece of land in Southern Wisconsin with flowers, fruit trees, sledding hills, chickens, two soft cats, a happy German Shepherd, and millions of buzzing honey bees.