Our Mission

Connect.Learn.Encounter Jesus

Connect with Others – PACeS aims to create a school culture where students can engage positively with one another and learn how to respectfully interact and develop healthy relationships.

Seek Knowledge – Education is a pathway to learning more about the world around us, how we fit into society, and how each student can contribute to a better world. Knowledge is more than the memorization of facts and information; it is an understanding of how it can be applied to create a better world.

Achieve Personal Excellence – All students are unique and should be encouraged to achieve excellence on a personal level. This will look different for each student and will be an ongoing process of growth in all areas.

Live an Active Faith – In the Seventh-day Adventist context, faith goes beyond what we believe and extends towards how we live out our faith on a daily basis.

Develop Character – PACeS encourages young people to be educated in the virtues of moral goodness, ethical behaviour, and character development. Knowledge and achievement are important in education but they must be coupled with strong character development in order to be effective.

Grow Closer to God – Most importantly, as a Seventh-day Adventist institution we are focused on helping our students develop a closer relationship with God and learning how to put their faith into action. Each student will be encouraged to grow stronger in their understanding of Jesus and hopefully enter in a saving relationship with Him.

Our Vision

We aim to provide quality Seventh-day Adventist education for all students and encourage them to achieve personal excellence in all areas of their life. We will partner with families to encourage and motivate students to reach their full academic, spiritual, emotional, and physical potential.

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