Safe School Environment

Consistent with its mission and vision, PACeS is committed to a safe, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming learning and teaching environment for all students. All students have the right to learn and work in an environment free of prejudice, harassment and unlawful discrimination. This principle is found within the golden rule expressed by Jesus Christ: “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” Luke 6:31.

PACeS will not tolerate harassment, bullying, intimidation, or unlawful discrimination on the basis of a person’s actual or perceived differences. The Board believes that all students have the right to:

· be treated fairly, equitably, and with dignity and respect, irrespective of their personal and family characteristics;
· have their privacy protected and respected (subject to applicable legal obligations to disclose);
· be fully included and represented in an inclusive, positive, and respectful manner by all school personnel;
· have equitable access to the same supports, services, and protections provided to all students and their families;
· have avenues of recourse (without fear of reprisal) available to them when they are victims of harassment, prejudice, discrimination, intimidation, bullying, or violence.

Further information can be found in the Online School Handbook under Safe School Environment(p.37-42).

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