Which Program is Best for My Student?

PACeS Programs

The Programs offered by PACeS are described below, along with some questions and items to consider that we think will help you make the best choice for you and your child. If you have further questions, or would like more information about any of the programs, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

PACeS Program Choices

PACeS offers two main programs, and also a hybrid of those two options.

Online Program
PACeS online program serves K-12 students in Alberta and throughout North America and is a synchronous teacher-led program. This program is designed to teach students online, with one of our excellent teachers planning for your student’s learning according to the Alberta Program of Study. The curriculum and instruction is provided by teachers (in concert with parents for some grades) in an online setting, though students will need to complete assignments outside of the scheduled class times. PACeS online program is mostly synchronous – teachers and students meet face-to-face at regularly scheduled times. The teacher is monitoring your student’s learning and evaluating progress. Please see below: Is Online Learning Right for You? if you are interested in this option.

Home Education Program
Available to Alberta residents, PACeS Home Education program is a parent-led program where the parent is planning their student’s learning according to either the Alberta Program of Study or the Outcomes in the Alberta Home Education regulations. The parent is teaching their student, evaluating their student and tracking their student’s progress under the supervision of our wonderful certified teacher facilitators. The Government of Alberta provides some funding for families that are under the Home Education Regulation (parent-directed program) and enrolled with PACeS by September 30th. Please see the Home Education Guide for details.

From the 2021-2022 school year, the Home Education Program has been expanded from grades 1-9 to also be available for grades 10-12. This option will not lead to an Alberta High School Diploma. Please contact us for further information.

Shared Responsibility Option
This option is a is a combination of both the teacher-led program and the parent-led program. Both PACeS Online and PACeS Home Education work in partnership for the student’s learning goals. The conditions for this option, and the tuition costs will vary depending on which grade the student is in and what percentage of the program is Online vs Parent-directed. Some options and further information are detailed here(p.18-20); however, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Is Online Learning Right for You?

One of the advantages of learning with PACeS is the ability to attend school from anywhere, but online learning can be a lot more challenging than it may seem. It is extremely important to have a realistic idea of what it will take to be a successful online learner. The following items will help you determine if you have the skills and prerequisites needed to take online courses with PACeS.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Are you comfortable using computers?
Students and/or parents/guardians will need to know how to send and receive email, use a browser to visit websites, create new documents, open files, use a word processing program, print and scan documents. You will also need to be able to solve (or get help solving) problems involving your computer hardware and/or software.

Do you feel confident in online interactions?
Classes require video conferencing through Zoom and interactions with your peers and teacher on a daily basis. Students will be considered present only if they participate in class discussions, answer questions when addressed, and have their face clearly visible on camera. If a student fails to do this they will be marked absent for that class period.

Can you effectively and consistently communicate?
Communication is the key to succeeding in the online learning community. The most important thing you can do as you progress through the learning activities is communicate with other students and your teachers. We will work with email, phone, and websites to communicate with our families. It is important for families and students to be comfortable and willing to check their email, the Zoom chats, Google Classroom and PowerSchool to stay up-to-date with their grades and information from the school.

Can you manage your own time and distractions?
Outside of classes, teachers are not present with you to ensure that you remain on-task when completing assignments or studying. Working daily (M-F) on your classes, reviewing material, studying textbooks and other resources, making notes, and completing assignments all take time – and if that time is not scheduled, it will be difficult to find. Set specific times for studying when you avoid non-study related websites and distractions.

Your teachers will not be sending you daily e-mails to remind you to complete your assignments. It is your responsibility to check for deadlines on Google Classroom and ensure that you are completing work on time.

It is crucial that you have space to study and attend class with no distractions. Do not try to work near the TV or where other people might distract you. It is also important to not distract yourself – close other websites, social media, etc. during your class and study time. Make sure you have a seat/desk that is comfortable, without being overly relaxing.

Are you able to persevere through challenges?
Online learning requires independence, motivation, responsibility, and a certain level of maturity. No one can force you to learn. If you do not take the steps necessary for success, online school will be very difficult.

Successful online learners need to deal with and solve technical issues, seek help when necessary, work daily on their classes, and persist through learning challenges.

Is Home Education Right for You?

One of the advantages of the Parent-Directed program with PACeS is the ability to choose the activities and curriculum your child will study. This is an opportunity to create a learning experience that is customized for your child. However, you will also need to have a plan for evaluating your child’s progress. There is a great amount of freedom in designing the curriculum for your child, but also a significant amount of work.

Benefits Of Home Education At PACeS

Adventist foundations and supports
As a Seventh-day Adventist institution we aim to support our families as they grow in their personal relationship with Jesus.

Parent-Facilitator Collaboration
To help families stay on track with their program plan, we set up a minimum of 2 meetings per year.
These meetings generally include:
+ Initial “Hello!” introductions
+ Program plan review
+ Portfolio of evaluations and celebration of learning

Ongoing Access to Facilitator Support
Our facilitators are available for consultations at any time in the school year (September to June).

Learning Resources
You have the opportunity to choose your own learning materials for your student’s plan. PACeS also offers access to Mathletics, RAZ Kids, the Canadian Reader and What in the World?

Home Education Funding
The Government of Alberta provides up to $850 for students that are under the Home Education Regulation (parent-directed program) and Shared Responsibility (online program and parent-directed program) and enrolled with PACeS by September 29.

PACeS Events
Throughout the year PACeS organizes optional events for Home Education families to participate in. Expenses for each activity vary.
Some events may include activities like:
+ Calgary SPARK Science Centre
+ Outdoor Park Day
+ Recreation Center Day
+ Museum Visit

Parent and PACeS Home Education Responsibilities

To ensure a successful school year for our Home Education students we have
highlighted a few responsibilities for both PACeS and Parents.

Parent Responsibilities
+ Communicate and cooperate with the school
+ Notify the school of their intent to home educate yearly (application)
+ Refer to the Alberta Home Education Handbook in preparation and creation of the Home Education Program Plan
+ Choose resources and activities that help the student achieve the chosen learning outcomes
+ Administer and manage the home education program plan
+ Maintain samples of student completed work and a record of activities throughout the year
+ Maintain a record of evaluations to help monitor the students progress
+ Meet a minimum of 2 times per year with their facilitator to collaborate and evaluate the student’s progress

PACeS Responsibilities
+ Communicating and partnering with parents
+ Providing a certified teacher/facilitator to help monitor and support parents with the program plan
+ Provide resources, advice and assistance to the parent upon request to help with student learning
+ Meet with parents to evaluate the students progress by reviewing the student’s collection of work (ie. portfolio)
+ Meet with parents to help students achieve the learning outcomes as defined be the Home Education Regulation

Ready to Apply

If you are have more questions, please contact the Principal or Vice-Principal.
principal@pacescanada.org or viceprincipal@pacescanada.org

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